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Last Updated Friday, March 27 2015
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Growth from “Tight” Places
John D. Jacquin, Chemark Consulting
March 25, 2015
(Part 1 of a 2-Part series)  Read More »
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor
February 23, 2015
In 2007 & 2008, our industry was negatively affected by a severe general economic recession. We all know the symptoms . . .  major multi-industry wide job losses in concert with significant budget cuts. In these very bad times, basically to…  Read More »
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor
January 19, 2015
You may have moved product into the marketplace well above plan; you may have scored heavily by identifying unmet needs and bringing new innovative products to commercialization at record rates; and you may have even been awarded exceptional performa…  Read More »
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Writer
December 15, 2014
There is always a point in organizations of all sizes to come to the realization that a radical change must take place. This decision usually is prompted by circumstances such as: attractive new opportunities in adjacent markets; threat of nibble com…  Read More »
Map Out Your Business Situation as a First Step in Strategy Development
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor
November 7, 2014
Many of us believe we really know our business situation without an MBA consulting group telling us where we are. This mind set is like saying the customer IS always right. They aren’t always right ... “customers are always right... somet…  Read More »
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor
October 20, 2014
Is there a gap between what you hold dear and supportive action (commitment) to reinforce that set of convictions? When we say that family, professional achievement, financial security, are the most important things in our lives and in that order, do…  Read More »
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor
September 23, 2014
As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), Sherlock Holmes said, “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” So what does this statement…  Read More »
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor
August 7, 2014
As global consultants to the specialty chemicals industry over the past 39 years, we have witnessed the results of degrees of leadership capabilities that range from very poor to excellent. Of course, this range can be said of every industry at one t…  Read More »
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor
July 7, 2014
Joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions are many times, extra-ordinarily complicated disjointed and time consuming. We would not attempt to cover all of these M&A dynamics in a single column but we feel compelled to alert you to and define one v…  Read More »
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor
June 9, 2014
In our May column we ended with “Action Plans & Budgets . . . How they must assist in the overall VBM success” Action plans transform strategy into the specific steps an organization will take to achieve its targeted goals, with part…  Read More »
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor
May 6, 2014
In our April column we ended with a challenge:  “Find value-drivers at all levels of your organization and translate them up and into the whole company.” What is a Value-Driver? A value driver is any variable that affects the value…  Read More »
Value-Based Management – It’s Still Around & Evolving Into A “Best Practice” 3-D Operational Tool
Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor
April 15, 2014
The basic essential to the success of VBM is the obvious, the C-suite must totally understand and support it.  Read More »
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor
March 24, 2014
As in most industries experiencing consolidation/globalization issues, there are three considerations that must be understood to become even better leaders: dilemma, clash and resolution.   Read More »
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor
December 11, 2013
Part One of a Two-Part Series  Read More »
Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor
November 8, 2013
In many markets the manufacturer has to have distributors, but they don't relieve the manufacturer of sales responsibility.   Read More »

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