Business Corner

  • Acquisitive Opportunity Investigation: What Are The Conditioned Expectations?

    There are three basic questions an executive must answer to achieve an informed judgement for any type of financial purchase.
    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor 04.08.16

  • “Who Should Play on the High Ground?”

    “Who Should Play on the High Ground?”

    A Market Leader is a company that has attained a Value-Volume of 20 percent greater than its next strongest competitor.
    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor 03.18.16

  • Corrolations Industries Across Countries

    Are patterns of profitability structured similarly around the world?
    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor 02.12.16

  • Global Structural Assembly Adhesives

      The world’s industrial regions are moving, as one, in their use of structural adhesives within the major assembly markets. We estimate the global use of structural assembly adhesive systems at 6.5 Bn pounds and valued at $16.0 Bn…
    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor 01.15.16

  • It Starts at the Top... But... Finishes at the Bottom

    Sadly, we know when a war is started it starts at the top of a government or a group. This is an historic fact. What is also an historic fact is . . . the war is completed either successfully of not so successfully at the bottom of these organization…
    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor 12.18.15

  • Additives

    Q&A with ColorBond and Reactive Surfaces

    In the world of coatings and paints, there are many nooks and crannies where really neat things are going on, but we don’t routinely hear much about them. Here’s a couple of companies serving niche needs and doing quite well. ColorBond an…
    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor 11.13.15

  • Business Operation
    Where Have You Gone Or Where Are You Going To... Channel Your Career

    Where Have You Gone Or Where Are You Going To... Channel Your Career

    Whether you are just beginning, in the middle or reaching back to advise others that are “climbing” now, it is important to know your type in the process. Not unlike many of you, I was reading the many trade journals that I subscribe t…
    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor 10.19.15

  • B2B Branding... Understanding Its Functional Purpose Is Essential

    Let’s first define “BRANDING”:  Brands facilitate the identification of products, services and businesses as well as differentiate them from competition. Branding is an effective and compelling means to communicate the benef…
    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor 09.21.15

  • Business Operation

    The Impact Of The Blur Between Product and Project Management

    Project management is designed to make better use of existing resources by getting work to flow horizontally as well as vertically. You might ask how this could work since there are line managers responsible for P&L functioning in these same chan…
    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor 08.17.15

  • Adhesives and Sealants
    The Value Chain and  Its Collision With The Supply Chain

    The Value Chain and Its Collision With The Supply Chain

    It’s not a news revelation that the internet has had an impact on the rules of competition. These so-called vertical markets have been magnified in our daily routine to the point we can no longer consider “marketing as usual” in any…
    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor 07.20.15

  • Price Increases

    Customer “Stickiness”...Or...Customer “Loyalty”...Is It Profitable?

    Research performed by a noted organization (HBR, Reinartz & Kumar) indicates that long-term customer loyalty (customer “stickiness”) does not necessarily produce high profits from that group. We have this built-in notion that a loy…
    Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor 06.17.15

  • VOC “Cubed”... To Assure Most Accurate Decisions

    VOC “Cubed”... To Assure Most Accurate Decisions

    Going forward, we will witness every increasing numbers of techniques, methods and definitive terms attached to measuring business opportunities. Our MBA institutions are replete with new terms to describe old situations. For example the one that see…
    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor 05.15.15

  • Additives | Business Operation | Powder Coatings

    Rounding Out Growth from Tight Places (Part 2 of 2)

    Growth in Energy Extraction Last month’s Business Corner reviewed the substantial growth in U.S. energy resources extracted from tight oil and gas shale formations by hydraulic fracturing (fracking).  Despite a substantial decline in glob…
    John D. Jacquin, Chemark Consulting 04.17.15

  • Additives
    Growth from “Tight” Places

    Growth from “Tight” Places

    (Part 1 of a 2-Part series)
    John D. Jacquin, Chemark Consulting 03.25.15

  • Business Operation

    Growth . . . . Remains the Keystone to Sustainable Profitability

    In 2007 & 2008, our industry was negatively affected by a severe general economic recession. We all know the symptoms . . .  major multi-industry wide job losses in concert with significant budget cuts. In these very bad times, basically to…
    Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor 02.23.15

  • Business Operation

    Managing Your Potential, As A So-Called “Middle Manager”

    You may have moved product into the marketplace well above plan; you may have scored heavily by identifying unmet needs and bringing new innovative products to commercialization at record rates; and you may have even been awarded exceptional performa…
    Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor 01.19.15

  • Business Operation

    Change... Driving It

    There is always a point in organizations of all sizes to come to the realization that a radical change must take place. This decision usually is prompted by circumstances such as: attractive new opportunities in adjacent markets; threat of nibble com…
    Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Writer 12.15.14

  • Business Operation
    Map Out Your Business Situation as a First Step in Strategy Development

    Map Out Your Business Situation as a First Step in Strategy Development

    Many of us believe we really know our business situation without an MBA consulting group telling us where we are. This mind set is like saying the customer IS always right. They aren’t always right ... “customers are always right... somet…
    Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor 11.07.14

  • Conviction in Opposition to Commitments

    Is there a gap between what you hold dear and supportive action (commitment) to reinforce that set of convictions? When we say that family, professional achievement, financial security, are the most important things in our lives and in that order, do…
    Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor 10.20.14

  • Facts, Data and Opinion...Branding

    As Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), Sherlock Holmes said, “It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.” So what does this statement…
    Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor 09.23.14