• Additives | Laboratory Equipment | Pigments | Production Equipment | Solvents

    Looking for suppliers?

    If your answer is yes than this is the magazine for you. In this issue you'll find our International Buyers' Guide, our annual listing of companies offering pigments, resins, additives, solvents and oils as well as laboratory and production…
    Tim Wright 09.01.09

  • Aerospace Coatings | Pigments

    Covering lots of ground

    In this issue of Coatings World we take a look at a diverse range of topics that have all been impacted by the current global recession. First, the airline industry is not really flying high these days. On top of difficulties faced with 9/11 and fuel…
    Tim Wright 08.04.09

  • Adhesives and Sealants

    Top companies facing hard times

    Inside this issue you'll find our annual Top Companies Report, our industry's annual ranking of the paint market's global leaders. As we have done since our first report back in 1996, we profile the leading manufacturers in the world, bas…
    Tim Wright 07.14.09

  • Making sense of the stimulus nonsense

    Paint and coatings makers have been hurt by slumping demand, which has overshadowed an easing of high raw material and energy costs that hurt profits last year. Continued weakness in the housing and manufacturing (particularly automotive) sectors are…
    Tim Wright 06.01.09

  • Marine Coatings

    A look at marine and green coatings

    In this issue of Coatings World we explore the marine coatings market and the latest developments in the market for low- and zero-VOC decorative coatings. Growth in the marine coatings market can be attributed to a surge in new building in the As…
    Tim Wright 05.07.09

  • The color of life

    Color is emotion and can speak to the human soul in thousands of different ways. It is an integral element of art, design and aesthetics in general. Explaining color is like trying to explain the mystery of that which holds the moon in place. Perhaps…
    Tim Wright 04.06.09

  • Great Depression II?

    Everyday the politicians, pundits and analysts discuss the "subprime mortgage collapse," "the recession," "the credit crunch," and "the global financial crisis." Are these really euphemisms for the dreaded D-word that is avoided like the Black Death…
    Tim Wright 03.06.09

  • Unprecedented demand destruction

    The troubling trend of revenue loss continues to plague the paint and coatings industry as the U.S. economy deteriorates rapidly. In 2008 2.6 million job losses were reported. With more layoffs coming this will certainly further deepen the recession…
    Tim Wright 02.02.09

  • Cutbacks, closures & consolidation

    Cars and homes aren't selling well, which means neither are paints and coatings. That's been the story since the second half of 2008 when the subprime mess caused a steep drop in the U.S. housing market, sending the U.S. economy with the rest of the…
    Tim Wright 01.08.09

  • Additives | Adhesives and Sealants | Pigments

    In today's market, finding the right supplier is key

    If the key to success in the paint and coatings industry is finding the right supplier for your formulation needs, than you hold in your hands the master key to unlock all doors. The December issue contains our annual International Buyers' Guide, whi…
    Tim Wright 12.03.08

  • Green building market continues to grow

    This month Coatings World for the first time explores the world of green building-one of the hottest trends happening now-and how paint companies and raw material suppliers are responding to the green wave of the future. A recent survey showed th…
    Tim Wright 10.30.08

  • Automotive Refinish

    Is there any relief in sight?

    In this issue of Coatings World we explore several key markets in the coatings industry and how they are being impacted by the current economic crisis. This month's article on the automotive refinish market examines various factors influencing the ma…
    Tim Wright 10.07.08

  • Construction Chemicals | Powder Coatings

    Exploring key markets

    For the September issue of Coatings World, we explore three key markets: powder coatings, biocides and construction chemicals. Exploring the current state of the powder coatings market we talked to leading manufacturers of powder coatings about topic…
    Tim Wright 08.28.08

  • Aerospace Coatings

    Cloudy skies ahead

    Airlines are perhaps feeling the effects of the current economic slowdown more than any other industry. The Air Transport Association (ATA) in the U.S. has reported that the U.S. airline industry's fuel bill this year will touch at least $61 billion,…
    Tim Wright 08.11.08

  • Adhesives and Sealants

    Now Playing: Top Companies

    In spite of the tedium involved with crunching numbers and flipping through one annual report after another to compile our Top Companies Report, it is probably the issue I look forward to most each year. It gives me a chance to really get to know the…
    Tim Wright 07.14.08

  • Industrial Coatings

    Exploring key markets

    In this issue of Coatings World we review several key areas of the coatings industry. Regarding the industrial coatings market, Kerry Pianoforte speaks with leading paint manufacturers who all agree that economic growth in emerging regions and innova…
    Tim Wright 05.29.08

  • What does green mean anyway?

    From pop culture to the laboratory bench, "green" is definitely the theme these days. Consumer demand for healthier options is being driven by the media's focus on issues of health and sustainability. The idea of "going green" has gained widespread s…
    Tim Wright 05.12.08

  • Radcure Coatings

    UV technology is an industry bright spot

    Environmental concerns surrounding the reduction of VOC emissions, reducing energy costs, improving productivity and improving performance are four key factors driving technology innovation in the coatings industry today. Whether it's at the auto…
    Tim Wright 04.04.08

  • Price Increases

    Auto OEMs continue to expand across the globe

    Globally, the automotive industry is a key economic sector. While automakers continue to trim costs throughout the production process, automotive OEM coatings manufacturers continue to evolve to meet the demands of the market. Overall conditions in t…
    Tim Wright 03.07.08

  • Housing Crisis Impacts Paint Makers

    It is no surprise that the U.S. housing market is going through a severe slowdown, with a sharp rise in mortgage defaults. The subprime mess and $100/barrel oil prices have been a one-two combination blow against the U.S. economy during much of 2007.…
    Tim Wright 02.15.08