• Marine Coatings

    The Environmental Issue

    These days the environment is dominating our social, political and cultural landscape. Global warming and sustainability are the current topics of debate making headlines on a daily basis. While these are well-worn ideas in the scientific community,…
    Tim Wright 05.14.07

  • Pigments

    Movie theaters, Navy Seals and coatings

    Don't you hate it when you've gone out to watch a movie, have settled into your seat and as the lights dim, you are anxiously waiting for the show to begin with your popcorn and soda and from somewhere out of the darkness you are startled byblipbli…
    Tim Wright 04.03.07

  • Automotive Coatings

    New technologies mark the path ahead

    In this issue of Coatings World we review the automotive coatings market and report on the challenges automotive OEM coatings suppliers face as a result of rising energy costs. Innovations in the development of energy-reducing technologies is one way…
    Tim Wright 03.19.07

  • Wood Coatings

    Haunted by Ghosts of the Unregulated Past

    It is possible to contend that over the years, not one single issue has impacted the paint and coatings industry as heavily as environmental legislation. The growing restrictions being placed on paint and coatings makers due to VOC legislation has be…
    Tim Wright 02.06.07

  • Additives | Pigments

    What to expect in 2007?

    As we begin the New Year, I've been thinking about the stories we covered in Coatings World in 2006. When all is said and done, regardless of who we talked to-manufacturers, suppliers or consultants-or what markets they serve, the year was dominated…
    Tim Wright 01.17.07

  • Laboratory Equipment

    Dispatches From Around the Globe

    Since late October, the Coatings World staff has traveled from Nashville, TN to New Orleans, LA to Guangzhou, China and back home again. In this issue, we report the news that occurred at three major industry events including ChinaCoat 2006, the Fede…
    Tim Wright 12.15.06

  • On The Lab Lookout

    As this issue of Coatings World hits your desk, we'll be winding down from a long stretch of travel including back-to-back-to-back shows, covering NPCA's annual meeting in Nashville, ICE 2006 in New Orleans and ChinaCoat 2006 in Guangzhou. (If you we…
    Tim Wright 11.14.06

  • Additives | Architectural Coatings | Automotive Refinish

    Triple Show Issue

    As this issue went to press, we at Coatings World, like many of you, are preparing for a busy fall. Beginning with NPCA's annual meeting at the end of the month, we will be heading to Nashville, then on to New Orleans for ICE, and finally to China fo…
    Tim Wright 10.16.06

  • Powder Coatings

    Turn Up The Value

    In the mature markets of North America and Western Europe, times are tough for powder coatings manufacturers. Runaway raw material costs. Excessive industry capacity. Low value appreciation. Eroding selling prices. These are some of the issues facing…
    Tim Wright 09.11.06

  • Automotive Coatings | Pigments

    Balancing Appearance and Performance

    These days coatings manufacturers face growing pressure to deliver more creative formulation solutions with greater performance characteristics to their customers. Durability, regulatory compliance and color choice, though seperate entities, are thre…
    Tim Wright 08.10.06

  • Adhesives and Sealants

    Keeping a hand on the pulse of the coatings beat

    After crunching countless numbers and sifting through one annual report after another, we're proud to present you with another edition of our Top Companies Report. As one of our most highly anticipated features, I hope you find this report to be a…
    Tim Wright 07.11.06

  • Corrosion Control | Industrial Coatings  | Pigments

    Aesthetics and efficiency

    The industrial coatings market represents a wide and varied array of industries. From OEM to construction applications, industrial coatings provide vital functions such as corrosion control of steel while intumescent coatings provide fire resistance…
    Tim Wright 06.13.06

  • Crude awakening

    With the cost of energy rising faster than the coming summer heat, as well as tightening environmental regulations, the entire coatings industry is under pressure. These two issues, more than anything else are pushing the industry forward, or back on…

  • On the cutting edge with UV and EB

    This month e|5 2006 is being held in Chicago. As the world's largest UV/EB event showcasing the industry's leading suppliers, e|5 represents the front line of cutting edge developments in UV/EB technology. You can be sure that our staff will be on ha…
    Tim Wright 04.05.06

  • Bend, but don't break

    If you're like me you hate it when work "stuff" pops into your head away from the office. Whether it's a looming deadline, remembering calls that need to be made, et cetera, I find it incredibly irritating. Well one night this wasn't so bad. Afte…

  • Wood Coatings

    Do the evolution

    With impending VOC regulations casting its net around the coatings industry, suppliers and manufacturers alike are being forced to evolve to meet these new demands. The main challenge is finding ways to deliver the high quality performance customers…

  • Additives | Pigments

    Expect the unexpected

    As some of you may know by now, the January issue of Coatings World marks my first as editor. Taking over the reins from Christine Esposito, who will remain on staff as contributing editor, I will do my best to continue to deliver, to both you our re…

  • Additives | Adhesives and Sealants | Pigments

    Valuable resources

    Finding a suitable supplier is more important than ever before as the cost of business continues to rise and companies look to Asia for growth.

  • Laboratory oratory

    Our fourth annual R&D salary survey goes beyond "what's in your wallet" to "what's on your mind."

  • Powder Coatings

    Powder Market Gets Tough

    As one of the paint and coatings industry's younger technologies, the powder coatings market has had its share of growing pains. Hard to resist double-digit growth prospects caused a flood of entries into the marketplace, with each firm hoping to tak…