• Setting the Right Tone in the Manufacturing Industry

    Suzanne Scheideker Cook, Owner of Strategic Ventures || July 7, 2015
    Whether we are interviewing for an entry level or promotional position, we do everything in our power to stand out from the other candidates.  Sometimes though, we tend to get comfortable after we get the position.  (Part of this may stem f…

  • Zurich Shares Six Tips that Support National Focus on Safety

    May 11, 2015
    Zurich North America – one of the nation’s leading construction insurance providers –joined the construction industry in supporting U.S. Industry Safety Week (May 3-9) as well as recognizing the Occupational Safety & Health Admi…

  • Flexibility to Manage a Mix of Energy Sources is the Key

    Flexibility to Manage a Mix of Energy Sources is the Key

    Anders u00d6sterlund, director of energy, AkzoNobel || May 7, 2015
    The flexibility to manage a mix of energy sources is the key to navigating these exciting clean-energy times.

  • IDTechEx Analyses High Stakes of the Future Automotive Industry

    Franco Gonzalez, Senior Research Analyst, IDTechEx || April 15, 2015
    The days of car companies controlling the future of the automotive industry are numbered. Indeed, waves of creative destruction and globalisation are shaking the industry. All incumbent companies established and new, are either resisting or acting, s…

  • Technology Will Make Our Cities Smarter, But Without the Human Touch We Won’t Want to Live in Them

    Johan Widheden, Senior Sustainability Expert, AkzoNobel || April 14, 2015
    Today’s cities will need to accommodate spiralling numbers of people, servicing their needs and stimulating trade and investment to create jobs, all within the constraints imposed by mega-challenges, such as climate change.

  • Making Our Cities More Liveable

    Per Nimer, Design Manager, AkzoNobel || April 9, 2015
    “Color possesses me. I don’t have to pursue it. It will possess me always, I know it.” Many will associate and sympathise with the position of the Swiss Expressionist artist Paul Klee. For many years, designers, artists, scientists…

  • Understanding the Globally Harmonized System for the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals

    Nikki Burgess, DGSA, CDGP, Staff Regulatory Specialist, Labelmaster || April 6, 2015
      One way governments and regulatory agencies help facilitate international trade – and improve employee safety along the way – is through the adoption of international standards for hazard communication. One such initiative –…

  • Intumescent Coating vs. Cementitious Coating

    Mike Reed, General Manager, US Coatings || March 26, 2015
    Passive fire protection tends to fall into one of the following three categories: dense concrete, lightweight cementitious and intumescent coating. They are not all created equal. Recently, cementitious coatings have become less relevant to firepro…

  • The Disappearance of the Independent Sales Rep

    Mike Reed, General Manager, US Coatings || February 17, 2015
    Independent coatings sales representatives are becoming something of a dying breed in industrial coatings these days. As a few companies rise to global standing, they are becoming increasingly obsessed with preserving margins on the sales side in ord…

  • Oil Price Hits Electric Vehicle Sales?

    Oil Price Hits Electric Vehicle Sales?

    Dr. Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx || January 26, 2015
    The oil price may stay low for many years due to oversupply. This will not affect the sales of electric road vehicles because their sales numbers decoupled from the oil price many years ago thanks to superior performance, subsidies and privileges suc…

  • Enable Every Possibility, Winning in Asia-Pacific

    Michael Olosky, Global Head of Innovation Adhesive Technologies, Henkel || December 3, 2014
    Adhesives are an unsung yet critical component of the manufacturing assembly process, especially in new materials adoption for next generation technology. As world leader in this industry, Henkel plays a key role in helping bring innovative ideas to…

  • Quest Specialty Chemicals' CEO Says Acquisitions Top Strategic Growth Plan

    September 30, 2014
     If you own a coatings company with a recognizable brand, a leading market position and an entrepeneurial management team with a growth culture, Quest Specialty Chemicals’ CEO Doug Mattscheck wants to talk to you. Quest has acquired 10 co…

  • Lease or Loan? What You Need to Know to Decide

    William G. Sutton, CAE, President and CEO, Equipment Leasing and Finance Association || September 11, 2014
    As the economy continues to improve, more manufacturers are making capital investments to fuel their growth. When business owners and managers consider acquiring equipment, they often think of their payment option as a “lease versus buy”…

  • Five Essential Building Blocks for a Thriving Work Culture

    Adam Witty, CEO of Advantage Media Group || August 19, 2014
    What makes a successful business thrive? That’s what eight out of 10 new entrepreneurs would like to know, because their businesses fail within the first 18 months, according to Bloomberg. Adam Witty has managed to turn plenty of heads in the…

  • Balance in Trade Deficit Necessitates Business Focus on Exports

    June 25, 2014
    Ninety-five percent of the world's customers are outside the United States.  Recent statistics by the federal government indicate that the U.S. trade deficit has increased as exports declined and imports surged to a high. The New Jersey Sm…