• Anti-Corrosion Coatings

    Anti-Corrosion Coatings

    Kerry Pianoforte February 15, 2008
    Anti-corrosion coatings offer environmentally responsible products that can withstand the harshest conditions.

  • Wood Coatings Market

    Wood Coatings Market

    Tim Wright February 15, 2008
    Facing a number of challenges including a slumping housing market and VOC regulations, wood coatings manufacturers continue to develop new products and technologies for interior and exterior applications for the professional contractor and DIYer.

  • Additives Market Report

    Additives Market Report

    Tim Wright January 15, 2008
    The additives market experienced positive growth in 2007 and saw many new product introductions.

  • Pigments Market Update

    Pigments Market Update

    Kerry Pianoforte January 15, 2008
    The pigments market faced a number of challenges in 2007. Pigment manufacturers offer insight on whats in store for 2008.

  • Architectural Applications for Liquid and Powder Fluoropolymer Coatings

    Architectural Applications for Liquid and Powder Fluoropolymer Coatings

    PPG Industries January 15, 2008
    Comparing the environmental, economical and performance advantages associated with the application of liquid and powder coatings on architectural aluminum.

  • 28th Biennial Western Coatings Societies Symposium and Showk

    28th Biennial Western Coatings Societies Symposium and Showk

    Kerry Pianoforte December 19, 2007
    The 28th Biennial Western Coatings Societies Symposium and Show (WCS) returned to Las Vegas, NV Oct. 21-24. Located at the Flamingo Casino, the WCS, held in cooperation with the Los Angeles Society for Coatings Technology, the Golden Gate Society for…

  • NPCA Annual Meeting

    NPCA Annual Meeting

    Tim Wright December 19, 2007
    NPCA marked its 120th year of service to the paint and coatings industry at its Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh Oct. 28-30.

  • Paint transactions 2007

    Stephen Einhorn & Jaclyn Christiansen November 15, 2007
    2007 has shown so far to be on the upswing in merger and acquisition activity.

  • Salary Survey

    Salary Survey

    November 15, 2007
    Welcome to the Sixth Annual Coatings World Salary Survey! This year’s results are derived from more than 500 respondents from our readership about employment attitudes, responsibilities, education and salaries.

  • White Pigments Update

    White Pigments Update

    Kerry Pianoforte October 17, 2007
    Suppliers look to the Asia-Pacific region as this area becomes the largest consumer of titanium dioxide.

  • On the R&D Front with Eastman Chemical Co.

    On the R&D Front with Eastman Chemical Co.

    Tim Wright October 17, 2007
    The coatings additives team at Eastman Chemical Co. took Coatings World on a tour of its new paint spray facility for a behind-the-scenes up-close look at the type of high-tech innovation that is leading the company forward as a first-class supplier to the coatings industry.

  • The Indian Paint Industry

    The Indian Paint Industry

    Parthasarathy Devaraj October 17, 2007
    Paint majors continue to invest more dollars in India, which is one of the fastest growing markets across the globe.

  • Automotive Refinish Market

    Automotive Refinish Market

    Tim Wright October 17, 2007
    While the automotive refinish market is level to slightly declining in the mature markets of North America and Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia-Pacific are experiencing healthy growth.

  • Exterior Architectural Coatings Market

    Exterior Architectural Coatings Market

    Tim Wright October 17, 2007
    Rising raw material costs, an overall slowdown in economic activity in mature markets, tightening VOC regulations and consolidation are all key trends facing exterior architectural coatings manufacturers.

  • Pigment Suppliers Directory

    Pigment Suppliers Directory

    September 19, 2007
    BASF Corp. (800) 362-2273 Fax: (800) 392-7429 E-mail: custserv_charlotte@basf.com Web: www.basf.com/usa Pigments Offered: Blacks (organic and inorganic, IR reflective and IR transparent); Blues (organic and inorganic); Greens (organic…