• Specialty Coatings

    Kerry PianoforteAugust 10, 2006
    || From cool effect coatings for automotives to energy savings coatings for the home, these specialty coatings are not your average can of paint.

  • Rad-Cure Raw Materials and Equipment

    Rad-Cure Raw Materials and Equipment

    Tim WrightAugust 10, 2006
    || Suppliers continue to develop new offerings to improve and expand the use of UV and EB formulations.

  • Performance Matters

    Performance Matters

    Christine Canning EspositoAugust 10, 2006
    || Faced with greater performance pressures, coatings manufacturers need to recognize the key attributes high-performance pigments can deliver to their formulationsand ultimately their customers.

  • Top Companies Report

    Top Companies Report

    July 12, 2006
    || Our ranking is based on annual sales of paint, coatings, adhesives, sealants and related products. For companies based outside the U.S., sales are translated into U.S. dollars using the average currency exchange rate for the company’s fiscal ye…

  • R&D Lab Focus

    R&D Lab Focus

    Kerry PianoforteJuly 11, 2006
    || China continues to be a hot spot for R&D activity in the coatings market.

  • e|5 Showcases Cutting Edge UV and EB Technology

    e|5 Showcases Cutting Edge UV and EB Technology

    David SavastanoJune 13, 2006
    || A record number of attendees showed up at Chicago's McCormick Place for Radtech's e|5: UV & EB Technology Conference & Expo to learn the latest developments in UV and EB technology.

  • Metallic Pigments Update

    Metallic Pigments Update

    Kerry PianoforteJune 13, 2006
    || As pricing pressures continue, metallic pigment suppliers look to R&D for growth.

  • Industrial Coatings

    Industrial Coatings

    Tim WrightJune 13, 2006
    || Intense competition combined with raw material price increases and overseas competition is forcing industrial coatings manufacturers to invest in energy-efficient technology to stay alive in this market.

  • Acquisition and divestiture

    Phil PhillipsMay 12, 2006
    || Unraveling the dynamics of acquisition and divestiture against the backdrop of the business life cycle curve.

  • Low- and Zero-VOC Paint

    Low- and Zero-VOC Paint

    Tim WrightMay 12, 2006
    || An evolving regulatory environment, the green building movement and consumer demand are driving research and development of low- and zero-VOC paint and coatings.

  • Marine, Yacht and Offshore Coatings

    Marine, Yacht and Offshore Coatings

    Kerry PianoforteMay 12, 2006
    || Ship owners must take a multi-faceted approach to ensure proper hull maintenance.

  • Resins Update 2006

    Resins Update 2006

    Kerry PianoforteApril 5, 2006
    || As raw material prices continue to escalate resins suppliers face another tough year.

  • Bringing Color To Life

    Bringing Color To Life

    Christine Canning EspositoApril 5, 2006
    || Some customers are very comfortable with color, others not so much. Hard work behind the scenes brings color alive for everyone.

  • Rad-Cure Coatings Market

    Rad-Cure Coatings Market

    Tim WrightApril 5, 2006
    || The advantages of UV/EB coatings technology offer coatings manufacturers and raw material suppliers tremendous opportunities for growth.

  • Expo Report: PACE 2006

    Expo Report: PACE 2006

    Tim WrightMarch 15, 2006
    || Leading contractors and manufacturers were on hand demonstrating and learning about the newest and most innovative technologies.