• The International Buyers

    The International Buyers' Guide

    December 14, 2006
    The Coatings World Online Buyers' Guide is designed to help you find the perfect partner

  • 5th Annual R&D Salary Survey

    5th Annual R&D Salary Survey

    November 14, 2006
    Our fifth annual look into the wallets and the minds of those who formulate today's finished coatings and raw materials.

  • The Competitive Advantage

    The Competitive Advantage

    Patrick Ropella November 14, 2006
    One way to stand apart from the competition and to bring new value to the customer is to focus on something that you can influencethe actions of your employees.

  • Point of Service Tinting & Dispensing Technologies

    Point of Service Tinting & Dispensing Technologies

    Kerry Pianoforte November 14, 2006
    Manufacturers of POS tinting, dispensing and colorant technologies offer a variety of technologies to meet their customers needs.

  • White Pigment Technology

    Kerry Pianoforte October 16, 2006
    New grades of titanium dioxide pigment provide added value for coatings manufacturers.

  • Outside Influences

    Outside Influences

    Christine Canning Esposito October 16, 2006
    As they keep a close eye on new home construction and housing resale statistics, reducing overall costs and answering performance and regulatory demands remain top priorities for manufacturers of exterior coatings.

  • Biocides and Fungicides Update

    Biocides and Fungicides Update

    Kerry Pianoforte September 11, 2006
    While they represent a small portion of the overall formulation, biocides are critical to the function of paint and coatings.

  • The Construction Chemicals Market

    The Construction Chemicals Market

    Tim Wright September 11, 2006
    Steady gains are forecase for mature markets while China's market is booming.

  • The Powder Coatings Market

    The Powder Coatings Market

    Tim Wright September 11, 2006
    A look at key trends and issues impacting and influencing the powder coatings market.

  • Specialty Coatings

    Kerry Pianoforte August 10, 2006
    From cool effect coatings for automotives to energy savings coatings for the home, these specialty coatings are not your average can of paint.

  • Rad-Cure Raw Materials and Equipment

    Rad-Cure Raw Materials and Equipment

    Tim Wright August 10, 2006
    Suppliers continue to develop new offerings to improve and expand the use of UV and EB formulations.

  • Performance Matters

    Performance Matters

    Christine Canning Esposito August 10, 2006
    Faced with greater performance pressures, coatings manufacturers need to recognize the key attributes high-performance pigments can deliver to their formulationsand ultimately their customers.

  • Top Companies Report

    Top Companies Report

    July 12, 2006
    Our ranking is based on annual sales of paint, coatings, adhesives, sealants and related products. For companies based outside the U.S., sales are translated into U.S. dollars using the average currency exchange rate for the company’s fiscal ye…

  • R&D Lab Focus

    R&D Lab Focus

    Kerry Pianoforte July 11, 2006
    China continues to be a hot spot for R&D activity in the coatings market.

  • e|5 Showcases Cutting Edge UV and EB Technology

    e|5 Showcases Cutting Edge UV and EB Technology

    David Savastano June 13, 2006
    A record number of attendees showed up at Chicago's McCormick Place for Radtech's e|5: UV & EB Technology Conference & Expo to learn the latest developments in UV and EB technology.