• R&D Salary Survey

    August 10, 2005
    || Our second annual look at how much paint R&D staffers earn and what�s really on their minds as they spend countless hours in the lab.

  • Solvents Report

    August 10, 2005
    || There's a reason why solvent-based coatings have stuck around: they work.

  • Marine and Yacht Coatings Market

    Christine Esposito August 10, 2005
    || Whether on a cargo ship, luxury yacht, or small sail boat, coatings designed for marine applications need to perform.

  • Innovation: The Ticket to Growth in a Mature Market

    Tom Sullivan August 10, 2005
    || One of the great joys of the coatings industry is that there is always an opportunity to build a better mousetrap

  • Powder Coatings Market

    Kerry Pianoforte August 10, 2005
    || Less waste, no VOCs, improved durability and more color options make powder a viable alternative to liquid coatings for a wide variety of applications.

  • Aerospace Coatings

    Christine Esposito August 10, 2005
    || It�s tough times for commercial airlines, airplane manufacturers and their suppliers. The good news: aircraft in operation today need to be repainted at some point, and there�s always Asia.

  • High Performance & Special Effect Pigments

    Kerry Pianoforte August 10, 2005
    || High performance and special effect pigments suppliers are constantly being challenged to come up with brighter and more eye-catching pigments to meet the demands of today's fickle consumers. These higher-priced pigments are especially popular…

  • Lab Equipment Update

    Kerry Pianoforte August 10, 2005
    || In the market for new lab equipment? Check out the latest offerings.

  • Top Companies Report

    August 10, 2005
    || Find out how your company and your competitors ranked in our annual report profiling the top manufacturers in the world.

  • Adhesives & Sealants Update

    Kerry Pianoforte August 10, 2005
    || Cutbacks in manufacturing and the uncertain economy continue to affect the adhesives and sealants market.

  • Metallic Pigments

    Christine Esposito August 10, 2005
    || Silver still tops the charts, but what�s next?

  • Biocides Update

    Kerry Pianoforte August 10, 2005
    || A number of factors are behind the projected growth in this market.

  • Industrial, OEM & Coil Coatings Market: Readying for Recovery

    Christine Esposito August 10, 2005
    || When manufacturing slows, so does the need for coatings. But by taking a closer look at their own operations, paint companies are readying themselves for the market�s recovery.

  • Resins Update

    Andy Teng August 10, 2005
    || Squeezed by rising raw material costs and lackluster demand, resin suppliers put focus on cost reduction systems compatibility

  • Rad-Cure & UV Coatings

    Mike Agosta August 10, 2005
    || Rad-cure coatings makers are finding that in a slow economy, it's even harder to convince customers to invest in more expensive technology - even if it will save them money in the long run.