• Testing Equipment Update

    Kerry Pianoforte August 10, 2005
    || A look at the latest testing equipment available for the coatings industry.

  • POS Tinting Systems: A User's Perspective

    Colin Gooch August 10, 2005
    || Exploring five decades of point-of-service tinting

  • NJIT to Develop Smart Coatings for U.S. Army

    Mike Agosta August 10, 2005
    || NJIT researchers are working to employ nanotechnology in self-healing coatings.

  • Automotive Coatings

    Andy Teng August 10, 2005
    || In a difficult market, coatings suppliers can reap rewards

  • Mixing Equipment Update

    Mike Agosta August 10, 2005
    || When coatings companies produce new products that utilize new and innovative raw materials and ingredients, mixing equipment manufacturers must adjust their products to meet those needs.

  • Wood Coatings Market

    Kerry Pianoforte August 10, 2005
    || How will upcoming VOC legislation and the ban on CCA-treated wood affect the wood coatings industry?

  • Pigment Market Update

    Kerry Pianoforte August 10, 2005
    || The pigment market has been besieged with dwindling demand, increasing price pressures and lower-priced imports. Will 2003 be an improvement?

  • Architectural & Decorative Coatings

    Mike Agosta August 10, 2005
    || Though poor economic conditions generally spell trouble for home maintenance projects, the architectural coatings market exhibited surprisingly strong growth in 2002, say some paint makers.

  • NPCA Annual Meeting

    Christine Esposito August 10, 2005
    || NPCA focuses on strategies at its 115th annual meeting, held Oct. 27-29 in New Orleans, LA.

  • ICE 2002 Review

    August 10, 2005
    || The major windfall from ICE 2002 in New Orleans centered around the decision to switch the show�s format to an every-other-year schedule. This review also includes new product introductions from the show.

  • Getting It Right: Tinting, Coloring & Dispensing

    Christine Esposito August 10, 2005
    || When all aspects come together, customers go home happy.

  • How Low Can You Go?

    Kerry Pianoforte August 10, 2005
    || Paint companies work to develop low-VOC and low-odor paint products that perform.

  • R&D Salary Survey

    August 10, 2005
    || A snapshot of how much paint R&D staffers earn and what's on their minds as they spend countless hours in the lab.

  • Construction Chemicals Market

    Kerry Pianoforte August 10, 2005
    || The construction chemicals market is changing, now offering innovative products in a variety colors, high-performance options and more.

  • Solvents Update

    August 10, 2005
    || Use is on the decline in some North American and European segments, however solvent-based coatings are still popular in developing markets around the world.