• M&A: 2003 in Review

    Stephen Einhorn August 11, 2005
    2003 was a steady year in terms of mergers and acquisitions in the North American paint market, with buyers aggressively seeking synergies.

  • Resins Update

    Christine Esposito August 11, 2005
    Paint companies are running leaner, and resins suppliers are shouldering more responsibility at a time when their own production costs are escalating.

  • Rad-Cure Coatings

    August 11, 2005
    UV and EB coatings technology continues to impact many industries, delivering environmental and performance benefits to companies ranging from multi-billion dollar cosmetic giants to the local auto repair shop.

  • Streets of Gold

    Barb Anwari August 11, 2005
    Pervo Paint has the drive to remain an independent player.

  • Testing Equipment Update

    Kerry Pianoforte August 11, 2005
    Testing equipment manufacturers have developed a variety of new equipment to meet the demands of their customers.

  • Automotive Coatings Market

    Christine Esposito August 11, 2005
    With production numbers down in North America and Western Europe, automakers are finding it harder to maintain profit levels, and are seeking new growth in emerging markets.

  • Mixing Equipment Update

    Christine Esposito August 11, 2005
    In slower economic times, equipment purchases often get put on the back burner. But it�s wise to keep a watchful eye on current machinery. Is there ever a good time for unscheduled maintenance and production slowdowns?

  • The Wood Coatings Market

    Kerry Pianoforte August 11, 2005
    Wood coatings manufacturers have had a tepid reaction to CCA-treated wood�s replacements. Can these new generation compounds perform as well as its predecessor?

  • Additives Update

    Kerry Pianoforte August 11, 2005
    The additives market showed signs of recovery in 2003 and indications are that 2004 will be even better.

  • Architectural Coatings Market

    Christine Esposito August 11, 2005
    Are decorative paint companies optimistic about 2004?

  • ICE Review

    David Savastano, Kerry Pianoforte and Christine Canning Esposito August 10, 2005
    Maybe it was a case of low expectations, but the turnout at ICE 2003 in Philadelphia last month surprised many. Could the show�s performance be a bellwether for next year�s event in Chicago and the coatings industry in general?

  • Automotive Refinish Market

    Kerry Pianoforte August 10, 2005
    Automotive refinishers continue to expand their businesses globally as well as develop easier-to-use, fast, environmentally-compliant products to meet the needs of growing and emerging markets.

  • R&D Salary Survey

    August 10, 2005
    Our second annual look at how much paint R&D staffers earn and what�s really on their minds as they spend countless hours in the lab.

  • Solvents Report

    August 10, 2005
    There's a reason why solvent-based coatings have stuck around: they work.

  • Marine and Yacht Coatings Market

    Christine Esposito August 10, 2005
    Whether on a cargo ship, luxury yacht, or small sail boat, coatings designed for marine applications need to perform.