• Biocides and Fungicides Update

    Kerry Pianoforte || September 19, 2005
    In response to limitations placed on the biocides market by the BPD, suppliers focus on biocidal cocktails.

  • The Powder Coatings Market

    Christine Canning Esposito || September 19, 2005
    With easy conversions and double-digit growth gone from the U.S. and Western Europe, powder coatings manufacturers are eyeing Asia for growth. But will spiraling raw materials prices and the inability to promote the value of their products hamper their efforts to remain profitable?

  • Strategies & Analysis

    Phil Phillips || August 16, 2005
    Differentiation does exist-part III

  • Generating breakthrough Growth in mature Markets

    Michael J. Lanning || August 16, 2005
    Can Southwest Airlines, Starbucks and P&G teach you how to sell more paint?

  • High-Performance and Special-Effect Pigments Update

    Christine Canning Esposito || August 16, 2005
    Pretty Tough

  • Rad-Cure: Raw Materials and Equipment

    Kerry Pianoforte || August 16, 2005
    Suppliers of UV/EB technologies look to emerging markets for growth.

  • Lab Focus: Investing for the Future

    Kerry Pianoforte || August 16, 2005
    With emerging markets offering high growth potential, leading paint makers recognize the need to invest in R&D facilities.

  • 2005 Top Companies

    August 16, 2005
    Our ranking is based on annual sales of paint, coatings, adhesives, sealants and related products. For companies based outside the U.S., sales are translated into U.S. dollars using the average currency exchange rate for the company's fiscal year/reporti

  • Metallic Pigments

    Christine Canning Esposito || August 16, 2005
    With interest in and demand for the metallic look still high, metallic pigment suppliers are developing new products that can help paint formulators put a new spin on silver and other metallic finishes.

  • Send in the Crowds

    August 16, 2005
    The European Coatings Show remains the paint and coatings industry's top event.

  • OEM and Industrial Coatings Market

    Kerry Pianoforte || August 16, 2005
    Industrial coatings manufacturers must continue to develop value-added products in order to stay ahead in this tough market.

  • Marine and Yacht Coatings Market

    Christine Esposito || August 11, 2005
    Although raw material prices continue to rise, it's full steam ahead for makers of marine and yacht coatings.

  • Low and Zero-VOC Technology

    Kerry Pianoforte || August 11, 2005
    Will the green building movement and stricter environmental regulations drive this niche product into the mainstream?

  • Color Trends and Forecasting

    Christine Esposito || August 11, 2005
    Although changes are more evolutionary than revolutionary in the architectural paint market, trends and hot colors move hrough more quickly now than ever before. Paint companies spend a considerable amount of time and money to create color collections and

  • Resin Market Update

    Christine Esposito || August 11, 2005
    Even as raw material prices contrinue to climb, leading rein suppliers look to deliver improved performance, regulatory compliance and shorter lead times.