• New Latin American Paint Federation Formed

    Charles W. Thurston, Latin America Correspondent November 7, 2014
    A new, region-wide paint and coatings association in Latin America, the Federación Latinoamericana de Fabricantes de Pinturas, or Latin American Federation of Paint Manufacturers, has formally launched with a headquarters in Mexico, and office…

  • Powder Coatings Rise Steadily in Mexico

    Charles W. Thurston, Latin America Correspondent October 20, 2014
    Mexico’s demand for powder coatings is on a constant upward incline thanks to strong domestic demand fueled by a growing population with rising per capita income. Mexico’s demand is also growing because the country’s hard goods manu…

  • Mexico Automotive Investments to Boom, Again

    Charles W. Thurston, Latin America Correspondent September 23, 2014
    Mexico’s burgeoning automotive industry will, once again, be receiving billions of dollars in new OEM investment as the country climbs the world ranks of national auto production to seventh largest. As new OEMs establish themselves and existing…

  • PPG To Build Brands In Mexico & Region

    Charles W. Thurston, Latin America Correpsondent August 7, 2014
    PPG is expected to introduce some products new to Mexico and the surrounding Latin American region once it has consummated the announced plans in late June for the $2.3 billion acquisition of Comex, expected to gain approval from the Mexican anti-tru…

  • Colombia’s Pintuco Builds Out Store

    Charles W. Thurston, Latin America Correspondent July 7, 2014
    Colombia’s Pintuco is building out its network of Pintacasa branded paint stores rapidly, having added 80 during 2013, and targeting a total of 236 stores in Colombia in 31 cities, as well as locations in the Andean Region, Central America and…

  • Latin American Demand Rises with Middle Class

    Charles W. Thurston, Latin American Correspondent June 9, 2014
    Demand for paints and coatings in Latin America is being driven by economic growth.

  • Brazil’s Renner Enters Architectural Segment

    Charles W. Thurston, Latin American Correspondent May 6, 2014
    Renner Coatings, one of six divisions of Renner Herrmann S. A., has entered Brazil’s architectural coatings market with four new products in leading areas of the country under the brand name Polidura. From its factory in Curitiba, Parana state,…

  • Mexican Distribution: S-W’s Stumbling Block

    Charles Thurston, Latin America Correspondent April 15, 2014
    Sherwin-Willliams Mexico added 39 stores to its network last year, contributing to the company’s 587 dealers across the Latin America region...in comparison the Comex Group touts a dealer distribution network of 2,300 stores.

  • Brazil’s Auto Industry Draws OEMs and Axalta Investments

    Charles Thurston, Latin America Correspondent March 24, 2014
    A record for 2013 production by Brazil’s automotive industry is encouraging billions of dollars of new OEM investment in the country.

  • Costa Rica Augments Paint Exports

    Charles Thurston, Latin America Correspondent March 2, 2014
    Costa Rico’s five million inhabitants enjoy a gross domestic product of approximately $45 billion, with a relatively high associated per capita income of $11,000. As such, the availability of disposable income for home paints is relatively strong.

  • Arkema Increases Investments in Brazil

    Charles W. Thurston, Latin America Correspondent January 14, 2014
    Arkema is augmenting its Brazilian investment this year in production technology at its recently acquired plant in Araçariguama, in Sao Paulo state, with plans to offer more of the companies’ global portfolio to customers in Brazil from…

  • Focusing on the Upside of Sherwin-Williams/Comex

    Charles Thurston, Latin America Correspondent December 11, 2013
    While the regulators oppose the deal on the basis of potential unfair competition, Mexico’s paint manufacturers have embraced the deal for the boost it would provide for the industry’s global ambitions.

  • Venezuelan Paint Market Under Pressure

    Charles Thurston, Latin America Correspondent November 8, 2013
    Venezuela’s paint and coatings manufacturers are under severe pressure both to produce and to sell because of a shortage of raw materials, a limited access to hard currency and a depressed local economy.

  • New Investments in Colombian Paint Market

    Charles W. Thurston, Latin Correspondent September 11, 2013
    Two new investments in Colombia’s growing paint and coatings market – a paint manufacturing facility in Bogota and a paint mixing station JV – will replace more paint imports and offer consumers more color mixing options.

  • Sherwin-Williams Deal for Comex Must Change

    Charles W. Thurston, Latin America Correspondent August 13, 2013
    Blocked in its initial attempt to acquire Mexico’s leading paint producer Comex for $2.3 billion, Sherwin-Williams is “aggressively” pursuing alternative routes to the purchase, CEO Christopher M. Connor has vowed. The Mexican anti-…