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  • IHS: Diversification, Innovation and Strategic Partnerships Key for SABIC to Maintain Growth

    Melissa Manning, IHS || December 29, 2015
    Facing slowing economic growth and persistent low oil prices, the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), the world’s fourth-largest chemical company by revenue ($50.2 billion in 2014), is transforming itself from primarily a commodity play…

  • Why Reducing Coating Costs isn’t Necessarily a Winning Strategy

    Mike Reed , General Manager, US Coatings || August 4, 2015
    We often advise that buying coatings according to a low cost-per-unit cost isn’t a smart approach. Every OEM wants to reduce cost. And that makes sense. It’s just good business. Contrary to common sense, though, slashing the cost-per-unit…

  • Concept of Sustainability Used as Key Marketing Strategy

    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent || October 20, 2014
    Sustainability has been a concept which regional and national trade associations in Europe  has been encouraging coatings producers and their suppliers to adopt to ensure that the coatings sector move in a more environmentally friendly direction…

  • BASF’s Nils Lessmann Discusses 
BASF’s Growth Strategy for Africa

    BASF’s Nils Lessmann Discusses BASF’s Growth Strategy for Africa

    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspondent || May 6, 2014
    In February BASF announced it is expanding its business in industrial coatings in the growth market of Africa. The company said in a release it has, since October 2013, supplied coil coatings to Roofings Rolling Mills (RRM), which is part of the Roof…

  • Kansai Paint strategy for Africa
Stirs Region’s Major Markets

    Kansai Paint strategy for Africa Stirs Region’s Major Markets

    Shem Oirere, Africa Correspndent || November 8, 2013
     A plot developed by global Osaka-based paint maker Kansai Paint in 2010, to diversify geographically and also in terms of its products so as to mitigate the risk of too much dependence on the Asia market and the automobile sector, is slowly tur…

  • Coatings Companies Shift Strategy From Products to Market Segments

    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent || May 8, 2013
    A growing trend among industrial companies is to develop strategies for giving priority to specific customer sectors rather than types of products. European companies offering both coatings  and speciality chemicals have been becoming more incl…

  • Coatings Companies Adjust Financial Strategies to Deal with Continued EU Recession

    Sean Milmo, European Correspondent || December 20, 2012
    European coatings companies are becoming more cautious about their short- to-medium term financial outlook in the light of gloomy predictions of, at best, low- growth in much of Europe.

  • Time To Revisit Value Migration

    Time To Revisit Value Migration

    Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Writer || July 24, 2012
    Adrian Slywotzky created a business model that has lasted longer than its introduction in 1996 in the book, “Value Migration - How to Think Several Moves Ahead of the Competition.” Slywotzky defines Value Migration, Marketing and Marketi…

  • Frost & Sullivan foresees dynamic shift in the APAC decorative coatings market in 2012

    February 15, 2012
    The Asia Pacific (APAC) decorative coatings market has seen steady progress since 2010, outperforming the global decorative coatings market in volume and value. This surge in volume can be explained by the heavy investments in infrastructure developm…

  • Marketing Matters

    Bonnie Morrow || October 1, 2009
    Because most coatings manufacturers have a broad, complex business model that embraces multiple customer targets, the selling and marketing of coatings requires a vigilant and precise understanding of customers and their needs.