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Last Updated Thursday, July 2 2015

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Published June 29, 2015
EBECRYL 854 is the latest addition to Allnex’s portfolio of energy curable polyester acrylates. According to the company, the resin opens new possibilities to wood coating systems through balanced flexibility/hardness and good flow, even when u… Read More »
Published June 17, 2015
Nordson Corporation has appointed BGM Makina Teknik as its agent in Turkey for the fluid coating product line of Nordson EDI. BGM Makina Teknik will represent the full range of slot dies for applying water- or solvent-based coatings, including Premi… Read More »
Published June 16, 2015
Light-curable adhesives rapidly bond glass, metal, and plastic by curing upon exposure to energy of the proper wavelength. Many factors can affect the controlled dispensing and processing of these materials. Dymax Corporation’s new white paper… Read More »
Published June 15, 2015
Material scientists in research and development, advanced quality control and academic research can now use an enhanced, modular rheometer platform to increase workflow efficiency and minimize operator error while analyzing the rheological properties… Read More »
Published June 10, 2015
Highest durability levels, outstanding coloristics and excellent processability in both, water- and solvent-based systems: Suppliers of automotive coatings have high expectations when it comes to pigments. BASF aims to meet the requirements of its cu… Read More »
Published June 9, 2015
Dymax Corporation’s new SpeedMask 731 masking resin is yellow in color, making it ideal for use on darker colored substrates where other maskants might be difficult to see. It also fluoresces bright yellow under black light, making it easy to c… Read More »
Published June 9, 2015
Grieve Corp. has introduced No. 946, a 1000°F, electrically-heated vertical airflow walk-in oven, currently used for curing coatings on titanium screens. Workspace dimensions measure 72”W x 156”D x 96”H.  360kW installed in… Read More »
Published June 8, 2015
Designed for processing ultra-high viscosity applications up to 6 million centipoise or higher, the Ross Double Planetary Mixer with Discharge System is a low-maintenance, cost-effective alternative to a double-arm kneader. Unlike double-arm or si… Read More »
Published June 8, 2015
Brookfield Engineering has donated a PFT Powder Flow Tester to the new Kansas State University Bulk Solids Innovation Center.  This new facility at KSU will be used to study and develop the understanding of bulk solids materials handling, in tur… Read More »
Published June 3, 2015
Mettler Toledo has announced the launch of a new, free "Mobile Library" application to make it easy for customers and those interested in weighing to access expert information from wherever they are. Using the app, users can explore resourc… Read More »
Published May 28, 2015
Ross introduces a new VersaMix multi-agitator system featuring a two-wing anchor, a gate agitator and a high speed disperser. Ideal for processing viscous pastes and slurries, the new VersaMix delivers a unique combination of low, intermediate and hi… Read More »
Published May 28, 2015
Variable Inc., maker of the NODE+ wireless sensor platform, has released the NODE+chromaPro, powered by the new Inspire™ app for smart devices. Building upon the success of its first-generation color referencing system NODE+chroma, developers f… Read More »
Published May 27, 2015
Clariant has created the complete toolbox for formulators to design hot melts with superior performance for any need, using sustainable processing. It features Clariant’s acclaimed Licocene metallocene-based systems and formulating guidelines,… Read More »
Published May 27, 2015
Oxea has expanded its phthalate-free plasticizer portfolio with the introduction of Oxsoft L9TM (linear trinonyltrimellitate). Oxsoft L9TM is ideally suited for special applications where products must meet the most rigid demands, such as the manufac… Read More »
Published May 21, 2015
SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association joined the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UMass Lowell) Plastics Engineering Department recently on the show floor of NPE2015: The International Plastics Showcase in Orlando, Fla., to launch the UMass… Read More »
Published May 19, 2015
With the new short-chain fatty alcohol n-Nonanol, chemical company Oxea is further expanding its large portfolio of higher alcohols. Due to its almost completely linear structure, n-Nonanol is a potent and cost-effective alternative to natural alcoho… Read More »
Published May 18, 2015
Volatile Free, Inc. has launched a new addition to the SEALGUARD line; VFI-991 SILICONE. SEALGUARD VFI-991 SILICONE is UL rated and contains a 70 percent solids formulation. “One of our goals this year was to offer a more diverse line of silic… Read More »
Published May 18, 2015
Custom Milling & Consulting, Inc. in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, a certified toll processor and manufacturer of mixing and milling equipment has added Disperse Tech, Inc. and Major Equipment Co. as regional sales representatives. Before starting Di… Read More »
Published May 18, 2015
Eastman Chemical Company recently announced that it is expanding its polyolefin portfolio with the addition of Aerafin polymer. Aerafin is an innovative polymer created for use in hygiene construction hot melt adhesives. It enables a broad processing… Read More »
Lab & Testing Equipment Directory
By Catherine Diamond, Associate Editor
Published May 15, 2015
Here is a look at the latest offerings from select lab and testing equipment suppliers. Read More »
Published May 13, 2015
Michelman has introduced Michem Flex HS268, a water-based, VOC free coating based on high molecular weight polyolefin that produces strong bonds in heat seal applications. Its low heat seal initiation temperature makes it ideal for flexible food pack… Read More »
Published May 13, 2015
BASF now offers all five effect pigments of its Lumina Royal product series for plastics applications. This will enable producers of plastics all over the world to create attractive design options in blue and copper color shades. Already in 2010, BAS… Read More »
Published May 13, 2015
In a move to alleviate the impact of the tight C8/C10 fatty acid market situation, the chemical company Oxea has launched n-Pelargonic Acid HP (high purity). It is a special grade of its existing product n-Pelargonic Acid, also known as n-Nonanoic Ac… Read More »
Published May 13, 2015
No. 816 is a 500ºF gas-fired, rotary hearth oven from Grieve, currently used for preheating and curing powder coatings onto electric motor parts.  Workspace dimensions on this oven measure 54” W x 54”D x 72”H.  … Read More »
Published May 12, 2015
The Ross PowerMix Planetary Disperser (US Patent No. 4,697,929) is designed for efficient heavy-duty mixing of viscous pastes and highly-filled dispersions. Equipped with a high speed saw-tooth blade and a planetary stirrer, the PowerMix can quickly… Read More »
Published May 11, 2015
Nuplex unveiled the latest technological breakthrough in coatings, Acure, an innovative technology that will significantly benefit manufacturers around the world, the company reported. Manufacturers traditionally need to balance the dry time of a… Read More »
Published May 7, 2015
Variable, Inc., creators of the NODE wireless sensor platform for smart devices, has announced an exclusive distribution agreement with Sweden-based color management firm NCS Colour. Effective immediately, the partnership facilitates the offering of… Read More »
Published April 30, 2015
Mettler Toledo offers a new industrial terminal, the IND570. It is constructed and approved for the harshest industrial environments and offers flexible control options for simple to complex weighing applications. Its versatility in form and funct… Read More »
Published April 28, 2015
Ross Multi-Shaft Mixers supplied with interchangeable mixing vessels now come with an optional special cover equipped with propeller blades to ensure product uniformity during storage and discharge. Shown are 15-gallon Multi-Shaft Mixers featuring… Read More »
Published April 27, 2015
Union Process, Inc., known globally as a manufacturer of particle size reduction and dispersion equipment as well as related services for a broad range of research and industrial applications, has designed and built a new lab-size SD1 dry grinding At… Read More »
Published April 24, 2015
Brookfield has announced the release of RheocalcT Software v1.2.19. This new update now includes Test Wizards for rapid test creation, Yield Testing for the DV3T Rheometer, improved layout and navigation, and additional Import/Export functions. … Read More »
Published April 23, 2015
Sun Chemical Performance Pigments has added new transparent red and yellow iron oxide pigments to its range of Sunsperse ECO aqueous pigment dispersions for waterborne emulsion architectural and industrial paints. The new transparent red and yellow… Read More »
Published April 22, 2015
Coatings formulators can now expand their styling color gamut with the introduction of Sun Chemical’s new red shadeQuindo Violet 55 Quinacridone pigment. The intense color of Sun Chemical’s red shade Quindo Violet 55 is 10 units more c… Read More »
Published April 22, 2015
DIC has introduced MEGAFACE RS, a series of fluorosurfactant additives which have excellent compatibility with a variety of resins for UV curing on coating film surfaces. Added to formulate a variety of self-cleaning and fingerprint-resistant coatin… Read More »
Published April 15, 2015
With its new line of UV-curable water-based PUDs, Sartomer, a business unit of Arkema Inc., marks what it calls "an innovative approach" to UV PUD chemistry. Developed to be free of solvents, surfactants and tin catalysts, CN9500 and CN9501… Read More »
Published April 13, 2015
Charles Ross & Son Co. has introduced a new double planetary mixer lined with Teflon, which the company says is ideal for high-purity applications, providing superior chemical and corrosive resistance where stainless steel is not compatible. High… Read More »
Published April 10, 2015
Union Process, Inc., known globally as a manufacturer of particle size reduction and dispersion equipment as well as related services for a broad range of research and industrial applications, has manufactured an SD30 dry grinding Attritor for a cust… Read More »
Published April 9, 2015
Grieve Corp. has introduced new high-temperature, walk-in ovens for heat-treating and curing paint and varnish.  The ovens feature a maximum operating temperature of 1100°F. Work space dimensions are 9' wide x 9' deep x 9'… Read More »
Published April 3, 2015
Sandvik Process Systems has signed an exclusive agreement with Italian extruder machinery manufacturer Extruwork Srl that will enable the company to offer integrated powder paint production lines. “This is a logical move for both companies,&… Read More »
Published April 1, 2015
BYK Additives & Instruments is launching a new additive on the market: BYK-1640 is a polymer-based, VOC- and silicone-free defoamer for aqueous systems which is also suitable for some applications that come into direct contact with food. Mineral… Read More »
Published March 31, 2015
The new Ross Model HSM-100LH-3 Vacuum High Speed Disperser is designed for laboratory and pilot-scale mixing of batches up to 5 gallons. It can be supplied with a vacuum-rated mix vessel including a heating/cooling jacket and mixer cover with sight/c… Read More »
Published March 26, 2015
Datacolor has announced the launch of Datacolor PAINT version 2.0, offering significant enhancements to its flagship color management software for retailers in the paint industry. Boasting an all-new user interface, the software delivers fa… Read More »
Published March 25, 2015
OSG has introduced its highly anticipated OSG PHOENIX Vol.4 catalog in print and digital versions. The latest catalog edition is over 150 pages and features new products and many expansions to existing quality lines of indexable milling and drilling… Read More »
Published March 19, 2015
PANalytical has announced a new detector for X-ray diffraction (XRD) at PITTCON 2015. The new GaliPIX3D will be shown on PANalytical’s flagship X-ray diffractometer, Empyrean - the flexible and future-proof multipurpose laboratory instrument fo… Read More »
Published March 18, 2015
Prime Resins Inc. has introduced a new class of inorganic water- and mineral-based coatings that provide corrosion and fire resistance protection on multiple surfaces. Prime Coat 6000 Lining, Prime Coat 6100 Fire and Prime Coat 6200 Corrosion are sp… Read More »
Published March 17, 2015
Charles Ross & Son Co. has introduced a new Discharge System with Electronic Pressure Control. This Discharge System is used in conjunction with Ross Planetary Mixers and Multi-Shaft Mixers designed for processing high viscosity applications. Aft… Read More »
Published March 16, 2015
Union Process, Inc. has manufactured a special edition S1 Laboratory Attritor for a research facility. The application required that the mill be designed with a shaft seal for grinding under inert gas. The specially designed mill includes a temp… Read More »
Published March 13, 2015
Michelman has introduced two new additions to its line of Michem Wood Release mold release agents and processing aids for manufacturers of medium density fiberboard, oriented strand board, particle board and laminated strand board. Michem Wood Rel… Read More »
Published March 11, 2015
In an announcement made at Pittcon 2015, PANalytical has revealed a new product for X-ray fluorescence spectrometry. With up to three complementary technologies on one multi-functional XRF platform, the new Zetium is designed to "change the way… Read More »
Published March 11, 2015
Grieve Corp. has introduced No. 1002, an electrically-heated, 500ºF (~260ºC) cabinet oven, currently used for various test procedures in customer’s laboratory. Workspace dimensions measure 20”W x 20”D x 20”H.  8… Read More »

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