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  • “Who Should Play on the High Ground?”

    “Who Should Play on the High Ground?”

    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor || March 18, 2016
    A Market Leader is a company that has attained a Value-Volume of 20 percent greater than its next strongest competitor.

  • It Starts at the Top... But... Finishes at the Bottom

    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor || December 18, 2015
    Sadly, we know when a war is started it starts at the top of a government or a group. This is an historic fact. What is also an historic fact is . . . the war is completed either successfully of not so successfully at the bottom of these organization…

  • B2B Branding... Understanding Its Functional Purpose Is Essential

    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor || September 21, 2015
    Let’s first define “BRANDING”:  Brands facilitate the identification of products, services and businesses as well as differentiate them from competition. Branding is an effective and compelling means to communicate the benef…

  • VOC “Cubed”... To Assure Most Accurate Decisions

    VOC “Cubed”... To Assure Most Accurate Decisions

    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor || May 15, 2015
    Going forward, we will witness every increasing numbers of techniques, methods and definitive terms attached to measuring business opportunities. Our MBA institutions are replete with new terms to describe old situations. For example the one that see…

  • Mergers & Acquisition Hurdles

    Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Editor || July 7, 2014
    Joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions are many times, extra-ordinarily complicated disjointed and time consuming. We would not attempt to cover all of these M&A dynamics in a single column but we feel compelled to alert you to and define one v…

  • Time To Revisit Value Migration

    Time To Revisit Value Migration

    Phil Phillips, PhD, Contributing Writer || July 24, 2012
    Adrian Slywotzky created a business model that has lasted longer than its introduction in 1996 in the book, “Value Migration - How to Think Several Moves Ahead of the Competition.” Slywotzky defines Value Migration, Marketing and Marketi…

  • Contact Us

    November 30, -0001
    Staff | Columnists | Coatings World Staff President, Rodman J. Zilenziger, Jr. Rodman J. Zilenziger Jr. — President of Rodman Media since 1993. Zilenziger, son of the Company’s founder, joined Ro…

  • Disruptions...Consultants Have Them Too Part Two

    Phil Phillips, Contributing Editor || November 30, -0001
    In Part One, we discussed the HBR conclusions: “We have come to the conclusion that the same forces that disrupted so many businesses, from steel to publishing, are starting to reshape the world of consulting.” We concluded with the two…