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California Court Approves Behr Class Action Litigation Settlement

By Jason Lawton | May 9, 2003

Courts have given final approval to previously announced settlements that would resolve all class action lawsuits pending in the U.S. against Masco and Behr Process Corporation. The suits involve exterior wood coating products formerly manufactured by Behr.

This most recent approval came on May 7, when the San Joaquin County, CA Superior Court overruled objections filed by 15 class members and entered judgment granting final approval to the national settlement. Although class members who objected to the national settlement have the right to appeal the judgment within 60 days, Masco believes that the settlement will ultimately be implemented without significant change in the terms previously disclosed.

On March 17, the Grays Harbor County, WA Superior Court entered judgment granting final approval to the Washington settlement. No class members objected to the terms of the Settlement or appealed the judgment of final approval.