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KCC’s Launches New Snap-Cure Thermoplastic Coating

August 9, 2005

l KCC Thermocoat, a member of the KCC Group of companies, has developed a new technology for corrosion protection of concrete and steel substrates. The new technology uses flame and molten spray thermoplastic materials, which have substantial advantages over other coating materials, according to the Houston, TX-based company. Advantages include reduced application and cure time, and improved “project constructability” with significant cost and time savings.
Traditional applications of thermoplastic coatings require that the target surface be heated to a very high temperature, which is impossible in some cases due to the inability to heat large field structures to temperatures necessary for bonding thermoplastics. New “snap-cure” technology—patented by KCC—allows for a chemical bond to both steel and concrete substrates. Thermoplastics applied using this technology offer bond strengths that exceed that of traditional thermosetting materials and a coating that is absolutely pinhole free, the company reported.
“This new snap-cure technology is ideally suited for plant construction and other infrastructure projects by achieving shorter elapsed construction schedules and eliminating the intrusive scheduling normally required for coating applications,” said Thomas Priest, CEO of the KCC Group of Companies. “Benefits of this new advanced thermoplastics technology include instant curing, reduced surface preparation, easy repair and the absence of solvents or other VOC materials.”

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