Paint & Coatings Manufacturer News


August 9, 2005

● California Attorney General Bill Lockyer does expect to receive written confirmation that Kamran Ghalchi,
attorney for Citizens for Responsible Business, has withdrawn 1200 notices for alleged Proposition 65
violations, out of the 3,500 filed in late December. “Ghalchi should be ashamed of himself,” said NPCA
vice president David Lloyd. “Our industry has been remarkably well ordered and disciplined in addressing
this. In early January, around 70 industry representatives spoke, via conference call, to the Attorney
General. Lockyer has done all the right things on this issue. In a mid-February meeting, which he
attended with several deputy attorneys general, Lockyer personally expressed outrage at this lastminute
dumping of notices. He’s taking this issue very seriously.” —Barb Anwari