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DuPont Addresses Article on Safety of Non-Stick Cookware

August 9, 2005

DuPont has issued a response to an article published in Nature (July 19). According to DuPont, the basic findings of the University of Toronto study noted in the article—that fluoropolymers, including those products used in non-stick coatings for cookware, will decompose at extremely high temperatures—“is not new information. Any material, if heated to a high enough temperature, will decompose. However, it is misleading to link the study discussed in the Nature article to any real-life conditions for use of non-stick cookware.”
“Tests have repeatedly shown that DuPont non-stick coatings are safe for normal kitchen use. DuPont non-stick coatings will not begin to deteriorate until the temperature of the cookware reaches about 500°F, (260°C), and significant decomposition of the coating will occur only when temperatures exceed about 660°F (340°C). These temperatures alone are well above the normal cooking range.” Fats, butter and cooking oil will begin to scorch and smoke at about 392°F (200°C), according to the statement released by DuPont.