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Engelhard Launches

August 9, 2005

Engelhard Corporation has introduced
improved Santa Fe color-variable effect
pigments. A new particle size distribution
provides higher chroma, brightness
and color purity, as well as
stronger “flip-flop” effect than the first
generation of Santa Fe colors, according
to the company.
These mica-based special effect
materials express two distinct colors,
each of which shifts with viewing
angle. This true, two-quadrant color
travel creates a complex interplay of
color, luster and dimensionality, making
Santa Fe colors an economical
alternative to multiquadrant effect
pigments. They are available in four
industrial grades: adobe green, desert
blush, plum and kiwi, with the dominant
color in each a unique earth tone
which the company calls, “characteristic
of the American Southwest.” More
info: Engelhard Corporation, www.engelhard.

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