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Gemini Surfactants

August 9, 2005

l Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. offers new surfactant products utilizing Gemini surfactant technology. The unique molecular structure of Gemini surfactants produces highly efficient, multi-purpose additives that enable the use of water as a solvent, according to the company. EnviroGem AE surfactants and EnviroGem AD01 low foam wetting agent were introduced at Air Products’ exhibit at the 2001 International Coatings Exposition in Atlanta, GA.
EnviroGem AE surfactants are readily biodegradable, low foam wetting agents. Based on Gemini surfactant technology, these unique additives are comprised of naturally occurring acids, commonly used as food and beverage flavorings and are prepared utilizing clean process technology, according to the company. Other advantages of these surfactants include low viscosity and excellent dynamic surface tension reduction.
For formulators searching for a 100% active, liquid, low foam wetting agent based on Gemini technology, Air Products offers EnviroGem AD01 surfactant. The product provides excellent foam control and dynamic surface tension reduction, as well as alkaline stability and medium viscosity, according to the company. More info: Air Products and Chemicals, Inc., (610) 481-6799.

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