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Plasticolors Offers Zero VOC

August 9, 2005

● Plasticolors, Inc., a supplier of pigment
and chemical dispersions to the
paint, coatings, caulk, sealants and
plastics industries, introduced a new
line of universal, water-based pigment
dispersions for paint and coatings
formulations. The 50-990 line is
composed of 14 single-pigment masstone
dispersions, all of which are
VOC-free and are glycol-free.
The 50-990 products have proven to
have wider compatibility as compared
to competitive products recommended
for water reducible and
industrial aqueous emulsions for air
dry and bake systems, according to
the company. During the blending
process, 50-990 pigment dispersions
can be easily mixed and incorporated
into both high-viscosity waterreducible
resins and low-viscosity lattices
and resins. They are controlled
for viscosity to allow for easy adaptation
to in-plant tinting machines.
More info: Plasticolors, Inc., (440) 997-
5137 • Web: www.plasticolors.com. ●