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August 10, 2005

EPA has also invited NPCA, on behalf of the paint and coatings industry, to participate in its sector strategies program. EPA’s Office of Policy, Economics and Innovation (OPEI) established the program to work with manufacturing sectors on a set of focused actions that will provide industry-wide environmental gains by crafting sector-specific solutions to environmental problems. EPA will work with industry to promote environmental management systems, foster better regulatory performance and improve mechanisms for measuring environmental progress. The program has staff level points-of-contact within OPEI who are highly knowledgeable about each sector and who will play a liaison function between the association, individual companies, EPA program and regional offices and the states.
In addition to the paint and coatings industry, EPA has invited agribusiness, cement manufacturing, colleges and universities, construction, forest products, iron and steel manufacturing to participate in the sector strategies program.
NPCA was to present the program for final approval to the full NPCA board of directors this month.