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3M Introduces Two-Coat Concrete Protection System

August 10, 2005

3M has introduced 3M Scotch-Clad TC deck coatings, a new concrete protection system that provides protection against leaks, corrosion and degradation in both interior and exterior concrete structures. The system is applied in a two-step process. In addition, Scotch-Clad TC improves aesthetics, maintenance costs and slip resistance, according to the company.
Scotch-Clad TC deck coating is a polyurethane material that provides a flexible, non-porous membrane over concrete and bonds to the substrate to provide a watertight seal over the product. It can also be applied to both new and existing concrete and masonry. More info: 3M, (651) 737-6501 or (800) 480-1704 • Fax: (651) 737-7117 • Web: www.3M.com.