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Atofina Introduces Two

August 10, 2005

Atofina Introduces Two
New Norsocryl Products
● Atofina has added two new products to
its specialty acrylic and methacrylic
monomers. Marketed under the
Norsocryl banner, these monomers
are used in the manufacture of polymers
and resins.
Norsocryl Maisobor (isobornyl
methacrylate) is used in automotive
bodywork topcoats. While reducing
VOCs, Maisobor enhances gloss,
toughness and abrasion resistance,
as well as resistance to acidity and
UV-aging of topcoats. It can be used
widely in the metal coatings sector,
coating of plastics, and graphic arts
and adhesives.
Norsocryl 102 monomer, an imidazolidone
ethyl methacrylate solution
in methyl methacrylate, is used primarily
to improve the wet adhesion of
water-based paints. It is suitable for
physical or chemical curing, adhesion
onto metals and as dry or wet adhesion
onto polar substrates. More info:
Atofina, (33) 1 49 00 80 80 • Fax: (33) 1 49
00 52 67 • Web: www.atofina.com.