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CMM Group Offers Air Pollution

August 10, 2005

CMM Group Offers Air Pollution
Control System Upgrades
● The CMM Group, LLC, De Pere, WI, offers
a full line of custom-designed air pollution
control systems including regenerative
thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers,
recuperative thermal oxidizers
and rotary concentrator systems.
These systems are custom designed to
fit into existing space using advanced
components such as high efficiency
heat exchangers, low pressure drop
ceramic media, high-efficiency fans
and gas burners, premium efficiency
motors and an electrical control
scheme that minimizes operator input
and onsite maintenance, according to
the company. All systems are designed
to exceed local, state and federal clean
air regulations while lowering annual
maintenance and operating costs and
saving energy. More info: The CMM
Group, LLC, (920) 336-9800.