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DuPont Helps BMW Put New Spin on Electro-

August 10, 2005

l DuPont Performance Coatings is supplying paint to BMW for the automaker to use in a new rotating electrodeposition coating process called Ecopaint RoDip3. The procedure was started last year by BMW at its Munich plant.
In the RoDip3 system, car bodies are rotated by 180° as they are dipped into the tank and are again rotated another 180° as they emerge. Rotation enables an improvement in both the pretreatment and coating of the bodies. Air bubbles in hollow spaces or drops of material running from the hollow spaces are avoided, preventing potential weaknesses in corrosion protection. According to DPC, since the new procedure was introduced, coating results are “noticeably improved” and time-consuming touch-up efforts have been reduced. Also, the line is approximately 20% shorter compared to a conventional line.
DPC, which supplies the electrodeposition coating paint for the process, worked closely with equipment supplier Dürr on the project.
In other news, DuPont Automotive has won the Ford Motor Company excellence award, its highest supplier recognition honor. DuPont has received the award three of the past four years.