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Eckart America Unveils Non-

August 10, 2005

Eckart America Unveils Non-
Leafing Aluminum Pigments
● Eckart America is adding new non-leafing
aluminum pigments to its SDF-6 series
designed for the specialty coatings
market. The product additions are
comprised of four new grades including
fine, medium, medium-coarse and
coarse, which have an average particle
size ranging from 10 to 35 microns. These
new grades each offer a distinct and
bright visual effect for decorative
solventborne aluminum coatings
formulations, according to the company.
More info: Eckart America, (502) 775-4241 or
(877) 754-0001 • Fax: (502) 775-4249 • Web:

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