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EFKA Offers New Dispersing Additives

August 10, 2005

EFKA Additives has introduced two products based on controlled, free-radical polymerization–EFKA-4300 and EFKA-4330. EFKA-4300, based on an acrylic block copolymer, is for use in solvent-based high-performance coatings, including automotive OEM and refinish, coil coatings, and two-pack polyurethane systems.
EFKA-4330, also an acrylic block copolymer, is designed to provide deflocculation of pigments in all types of solvent-based high-performance coatings, as well as in resin minimal pigment concentrates. More Info: EFKA Additives, Inc., (866) ASK-EFKA • Fax: (330) 920-4416 • Web: www.efka.com.

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