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Fifth Volume of Coating Concepts from Sartomer

August 10, 2005

Sartomer Company has made available the fifth installment of its Coating Concepts series of technical booklets. Coating Concepts, Volume V covers a wide range of topics including enhancing coating performance with fast-curing oligomers; developing UV-cure coatings, inks and adhesives that are hard, yet flexible; increasing coating abrasion resistance with photocure polyester oligomers; and imparting chemical resistance, moisture resistance and superior wear properties to coatings. The booklet features charts, figures and photos that illustrate key findings. The booklet also includes a 2003 trade show schedule and guide to Sartomer’s free technical resources. More info: Sartomer Co., (610) 363-4100 or (800) 345-8247 • Fax: (610) 363-4140 • Web: www.sartomer.com.