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Flex Bon Brand To Operate as Separate unit

August 10, 2005

l Sherwin-Williams has acquired Johnson Paints, Inc., a Ft. Myers, FL-based manufacturer of paint and related products. Johnson’s product line includes the Flex Bon brand, which is sold through 24 company-owned stores and a dealer network located primarily on the southwest Florida coast and in the Miami, FL area.
Johnson Paints was founded by Willis Johnson, John Johnson, Worth Johnson and Jerry Johnson in 1959. Its main customers are professional painting contractors and other wholesale and retail buyers.
The Flex Bon business will operate as a separate business unit of the southeastern division of Sherwin-Williams’ paint stores group. Sherwin-Williams said it will continue to produce and sell the “original Florida formula” Flex Bon paint.
Flex Bon paint is formulated to combat negative effects of south Florida’s semitropical climate, including premature fading, chalking, peeling and mildew. Of the original 16 paints created by the company more than 40 years ago, all but one is part of Flex Bon’s current product stable. The line includes primers and finishes in acrylic latex and alkyd oil-based varieties, as well as wood stains, varnishes, roof paint, high-build and elastomeric waterproof finishes and acrylic epoxies. Flex Bon paints are available in four grades ranging from Pinnacle, a high performance label, to a lower price contractor brand.
“I am pleased that Sherwin-Williams will be continuing the Flex Bon name and brand identity,” said Samuel V. Johnson, president, Johnson Paints, Inc. “My family is very proud of our company, and we are happy that it will continue under the superb management of the leading company in our industry.”