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Lyondell Offers Two New Acryflow Polyol Products

August 10, 2005

Lyondell Chemical Company has added Acryflow A90 and P90 acrylic polyols to its resin management concept (RMc). RMc gives formulators the flexibility to create a multitude of products with only five resins, rather than dozens, according to the company. These new polyols are designed to provide wide formulation latitude and reduce resin inventories and costs, while shortening time-to-market for new industrial maintenance, automotive, transportation, general industrial, wood and plastic coatings.
The Acryflow line of polyols now consists of P90, P120, M100, A90 and A140. Prepared using hydroxy-functional allylic monomers, Acryflow polyols maintain their functionality at a low molecular weight, providing good performance with low VOCs, according to the company. More info: Lyondell Chemical Company, (610) 359-2054 • E-mail: acryflow@lyondell.com • Web: www.acryflow.com.