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New Generation

August 10, 2005

New Generation IPBC-Based
Biocide from ISP
● International Specialty Products (ISP)
now offers Fungitrol 720, a new generation
IPBC-based biocide for house
and wall paint and other decorative
coatings. ISP’s new dry-film solution
provides effective fungicidal protection
to decorative coating surfaces
without adding VOCs.
Fungitrol 720 combines the extensive
protection capability of IPBC
with a unique new biocide carrier
that is non-toxic and does not contribute
the the VOC content of paint.
In addition, the product is compatible
with a wide variety of aqueous and
non-aqueous formulation and plastic
compounds. Fungitrol 720 significantly
minimizes discoloration of dry
paint films or liquid paint compared
with conventional products, exhibits
high flash point (>220°C) and possess
excellent freeze-thaw compatibility,
according to ISP. More info: ISP, John
McGroarty, (973) 872-4447.