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New Study on Powder Coatings Reveals Opportunities

August 10, 2005

A market and assessment study conducted by Irfab Chemical Consultants, Powder Coatings Europe 2001-2010–A Global Comparison: Europe, Americas and Asia, revealed that the powder coatings market offers global opportunities for coatings manufacturers, raw material producers and application equipment suppliers. According to the study, the 2001 global thermosetting powder coatings market was valued at approximately $3.3 billion with Europe representing approximately 43%, Asia 26%, North America 23% and the rest of the world eight percent.
Polyester-epoxy hybrids dominate the powder coatings industry, representing approximately 55% of the global market, followed by polyesters, epoxies, polyurethanes and acrylics, according to Irfab. The study also provides key market information, worldwide by country/region, application segment, chemistry, consumption of raw materials, novel TGIC replacement curing agents and company profiles of powder coatings manufactures and raw material suppliers. More info: Irfab Chemical Consultants, +32 2 657 35 85 • Fax: +32 2 657 90 21 • E-mail: franco.busato@irfab.com • Web: www.irfab.com.

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