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Ondeo Nalco Offers Specialty Biocides For Aqueous Products

August 10, 2005

Ondeo Nalco offers a complete portfolio of specialty biocides, many FDA approved, for controlling biodeterioration of industrial aqueous products. The biocides can be used in a variety of applications such as paint and coatings, adhesives, latex emulsions, ink, plastics and pigment slurries.
The Ondeo Nalco family of specialty biocides–Tektamer, Biocheck and Metasol–includes liquid and dry products that provide a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity in water-based products. These non-formaldehyde-based preservatives have excellent toxicological profiles and are environmentally compliant, according to the company. More info: Ondeo Nalco Company, (800) 777-4030 or (630) 305-2618 • Web: www.ondeo-nalco.com.