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Polyolefin Waxes

August 10, 2005

Polyolefin Waxes
From Clariant GmbH
● Clariant GmbH now offers Licocene, a
new line of polyolefin waxes manufactured
using metallocene catalysts.
These waxes have a property profile
that can be optimized and tailored to
suit diverse applications. The line
includes polyethylenes and focuses on
speciality grades of polypropylenes
and copolymers. The waxes are currently
produced in a continuously
operating pilot plant. Clariant will
build a production plant at the Höchst
Industriepark site, which is scheduled
to come on stream by the beginning of
2006. More info: Clariant GbmH, Reiner
Hess (technical service), 49 (0)821 479-
2515 • Raphael Lucchesi (literature and
samples), 49 (0)821 479-2601.