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August 10, 2005

Reichhold Introduces Two New Products for Architectural Coatings Applications
l Reichhold has launched two new products for architectural coatings applications. Duravace FT-320 is a second generation, zero-VOC, VAE ideal for interior flats and satins and exterior cementitious coatings. It features the highest solids content in the marketplace and exhibits excellent exterior durability, superior scrub resistance, excellent alkaline resistance for hot cement and stucco, good low-temperature touch up and freeze-thaw stability, according to the company.
Synthemul 40-418 is a 100% acrylic latex designed for interior and exterior semi-gloss trim and wall coatings. It offers good block resistance and wet adhesion, very good stain resistance, excellent flow and leveling characteristics and good low-temperature touch-up. Synthemul 40-418 can also be formulated to meet 150 g/l VOC guidelines. More info: Reichhold, (800) 431-1920 • E-mail: productinfo@reichhold.com • Web: www.reichhold.com.

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