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Rhino Linings Responds to Truck Bedliner

August 10, 2005

The Glidden Company was also dismissed from 10 other lead paint lawsuits including cases in Rhode Island, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, Ohio and Texas. Glidden still remains a defendant in eight other lead paint lawsuits but is optimistic that it will ultimately prevail in those cases as well, according to the company.

l Independent product performance and reliability tests conducted by a manufacturer of light truck accessories indicated that spray-on bedliners for trucks provide only a fraction of the protection and durability of molded drop-in liners.
According to tests conducted by Bjorkstein Research Laboratories, Inc., Madison, WI, in conjunction with Penda Corporation, a manufacturer of drop-in bedliners and other vehicle accessories, spray-on liners which consist of a coating applied directly to the truck bed surface, provide only one-tenth the abrasion resistance and half the dent protection offered by leading drop-in liners.
In an abrasion test performed on three leading national spray-on liners and one Pendaliner drop-in model, the spray-on liners withstood an average of 3,133 abrasions before the vehicle sustained body damage. By comparison, the drop-in liner withstood 31,860 abrasions before the truck’s body was scuffed, according to the Bjorkstein study.
An impact test of the same products showed that the Pendaliner Skid Resistor liner absorbed twice the amount of force of the spray-on liners before a dent was produced, according to the study.
Experts at Rhino Linings USA, Inc., a manufacturer of one of the spray-on bedliners used in the study, questioned the results. Baharat Naik, director of technical services at Rhino Linings USA, noted that the Bjorkstein tests did not make use of ASTM methods, the international industry standard for drawing conclusions about durability and protection. He also suggested the tests were designed to skew results in favor of the drop-in liners.
“There are a tremendous number of half truths, and that’s what we object to,” said Brian Marks,