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Saelig Offers Budget-Priced

August 10, 2005

Saelig Offers Budget-Priced
Coating Thickness Meter
● Saelig Co., Inc. now offers Eban 1000, a
portable coating thickness meter for
industrial users who need instant
measurements. Designed specifically
to offer a low-cost but traceably-accurate
instrument, Eban 1000 will measure
coating thickness up to 1 m/0.040
inches on all non-ferromagnetic coatings
on ferrous substrates with an
accuracy of up to one percent.
Readings can be taken directly, or a
surface scan can be made on coatings
immediately after a coating operation
to examine thickness variation. More
info: Saelig Co., Inc., (585) 425-3753 • Fax:
(585) 425-3835 • E-mail: saelig@aol.com •
Web: www.saelig.com.