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Southern Clay Develops Garamite LS Rheology Modifier

August 10, 2005

Southern Clay Develops Garamite LS Rheology Modifier
l Scientists at Southern Clay Products, Inc. (SCP) of Gonzales, TX have successfully developed the first organoclay that can be successfully post-added to a wide range of paints without the use of high speed mixing.
Garamite LS rheology modifier employs a novel surface treatment to generate an organoclay that is practically self-dispersing, according to the company. Garamite LS rheology modifier can be added to most solvent-based paints by mixing it for 30 minutes with only a thin down agitator.
The resultant paint will have excellent sag resistance, settling control, syneresis control, stability and application properties. The company recommends Garamite LS rheology modifier for use in paint that utilizes aliphatic solvents, aromatic solvents or blends of the two. More info: Southern Clay Products, Inc., (830) 672-2891 • Web: www.scprod.com.

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