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Survey Shows Almost Half of Teens Want To Paint Their

August 10, 2005

A recent survey conducted by Lowe’s has given new meaning to the “Y” in DIY. A survey conducted by the home improvement chain and Ipsos-Insight has revealed that Generation Y is hands-on when it comes to home improvement. A good percentage of those polled said they have redone or plan to redo the one place that is off-limits to their parents and younger siblings—their bedrooms.
According to the Lowe’s survey, when asked what would be the one aspect of their room they would like to revamp, 46% of teens surveyed said they would paint their room a new color. Additionally, 39% of teens said they have tackled or plan to tackle a home improvement project themselves, such as painting a room or furniture or building a loft.
“Teens have always fostered very distinctive tastes and an intense desire to express themselves,” said Melissa Birdsong, director of trend forecasting and design at Lowe’s. “With popular culture embracing home improvement as a catch-all activity with more decor options than ever to chose from, more teens realize their rooms are canvases illustrating their true personality and style,” she added.
The survey, which included 600 teens, showed that girls are more active in the DIY wave than boys. Forty-three percent of girls claimed to be budding DIYers compared to 34% of boys.
Some of this fascination with DIY and home decor can be traced to television. According to the survey, 65% of the teens said they watch home improvement-related shows such as TLC’s “Trading Spaces,” MTV’s “Cribs” and “This Old House.” Of the teens that have done a home improvement project or plan to, 74% said they have watched these kinds of shows.