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SWRI Launches Wall Coating Validation Program

August 10, 2005

The Sealant, Waterproofing and Restoration Institute (SWRI) has launched a new program to validate manufacturers’ published test results of various wall coating products. The program provides specifiers and end-users of wall coating products an unbiased method to judge whether wall coating products will perform at the levels claimed by the manufacturer.
“Our goal is to make this program, along with the Sealant Validation Program, a valuable asset for those in the industry,” said Stan Wellinsky, chair of the validation committee. “Since the program is voluntary and the companies involved use independent labs to perform the tests, we hope those purchasing the products will feel more confident about what they are buying.”
Manufacturers who participate in the program choose an independent laboratory from a list provided by SWRI. The manufacturer provides the lab with the name of the coating to be tested as well as a current manufacturer data sheet with the stated performance characteristics, test results and any other collateral materials. If the product passes the tests, the manufacturer may apply to SWRI for a wall coatings validation number and seal. Validations last five years. After a product completes the validation process, SWRI will notify its membership and trade press of the validation.