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X-Rite Introduces Portable Spectrodensitometer

August 10, 2005

l Grandville, MI-based X-Rite Inc., a provider of technology that measures color, light and shape, has introduced the 939 portable 0˚/45˚ spectrodensitometer. The spectrodensitometer features X-Rite’s high-resolution, 31-point spectral engine. Offering best-in-class inter-instrument agreement, this proprietary spectral engine yields an average agreement of .15 Delta-E and a maximum of .30 Delta-E. The 939 spectrodensitometer can store more than 3,000 color references and samples, is easy to calibrate for either black/white or color validation, includes optional, changeable aperture sizes (4mm, 8mm and 16mm) to test small and large samples and is fully supported by X-Rite Color Master software and offers a large display for data or on-instrument graphs. More info: X-Rite Inc., (616) 257-2450 • Fax: (616) 534-8960 • Web: www.x-rite.com.