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DSM Desotech Named One of America’s Safest Companies

August 11, 2005

DSM Desotech Inc., which focuses on high-performance UV-curable materials, has been named one of America's Safest Companies by Occupational Hazards magazine.
The annual award, which was presented to 16 firms this year, recognizes companies for outstanding occupational safety and health programs and processes for their employees.
“Safety is a top priority within DSM Desotech, and throughout all DSM companies worldwide, for a number of reasons: First and foremost, for the well being of our associates, second for the communities which surround our facilities and, third, for our shareholders—as we believe that efforts and investments in safety bring an excellent return,” said Steve Hartig, DSM Desotech’s president.
Desotech’s sites in Elgin, UT, Stanley, NC and New Castle, DE have recorded more than 10,000 man days without a lost time accident. Elgin is its headquarters and R&D facility, Stanley is a manufacturing site and New Castle is the location of DSM Somos, a subsidiary,
The company also operates facilities outside the U.S. in the Netherlands, China and Japan