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Air Products Launches

August 11, 2005

Air Products has recently launched Hybridur 870 and 878 waterborne resins. Hybridur 870 resin is a urethane-acrylic hybrid dispersion for use in one-component high performance coatings. Features of this new product include fast dry capability, superior weatherability, good hardness and toughness balance, superior chemical resistance and excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates.
Hybridur 878 resin, which carries all the general product attributes of Hybridur 870 resin and is designed to work the same way, is lower in odor and delivers higher hardness in its intended applications. These applications include wood flooring, and plastic and metal business machine coatings. More info: Air Products (610) 481-6799 or (800) 345-3148; Fax: (610) 481-4381; E-mail: prodinfo@apci.com; Web: www.airproducts.com.