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Air Products launches

August 11, 2005

Air Products launches
Anquawhite 100 curing agent
Anquawhite 100 curing agent from Air Products and Chemicals Inc. offers epoxy coating formulators a low color, stain-resistant top coat with good handling properties. Anquawhite 100 curing agent is a novel waterborne curing agent dispersion designed for use in ambient or heat-cure two part epoxy systems. Applications include wall and floor coatings, metal coatings for bulk tanks and railcars and institutional or heavy duty maintenance coatings. Anquawhite 100 curing agent can be formulated with a variety of epoxy resins and waterborne epoxy dispersions while maintaining VOC levels less than 100 g/l.
Anquawhite 100 curing agent, due to its dispersion nature, can be formulated to high solids while maintaining low viscosity and fast dry. Performance advantages of Anquawhite 100 curing agent include its formulating versatility, long pot life, fast dry, low VOC, high gloss, stain resistance, yellowing resistance and freeze-thaw stability, according to the company. More info: Air Products and Chemicals Inc., (610) 481-6799, (800) 345-3148; Fax (610) 481-4381; E-mail prodinfo@airproducts.com; Web: www.airproducts.com/epoxyadditives.

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