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Air Products Offers

August 11, 2005

Air Products Offers
Anquamine 701 Curing Agent
Air Products’ Anquamine 701 curing agent is a self-leveling flooring system product that complements the newest concrete offerings and can be applied to new or existing concrete. Anquamine 701 offers added benefits when applied to concrete facing longer-term moisture concerns. It is a semi-permeable and “breathable” flooring system that eliminates blistering or delamination, solving problems associated with moisture vapor transmission in the civil engineering market. A zero VOC formulation, Anquamine 701 is based on a polymeric emulsion and has been developed primarily for use with liquid epoxy resins. Product attributes include very fast film drying, excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, low viscosity, good low-temperature cure, very low free-amine content, good early water resistance, temperature and shear-stability, and the ability to formulate low-cost systems based on high filler levels. More info: Air Products, (610) 481-6799 or (800) 345-3148; Fax: (610) 481-4381; E-mail: prodinfo@apci.com; Web: www.airproducts.com.

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