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Clean Air Products

August 11, 2005

Clean Air Products Introduces Series 61 Cleanroom Tables
Clean Air Products has introduced series 61 cleanroom tables, Formica tables offering heavy-duty design and a corrosion-resistant operation. The tables are rated for use in cleanrooms from Class 100,000 to Class 10 and a variety of sizes are in stock. The 1.125 inch tabletop features a solid wood core that is completely covered with a high-pressure plastic laminate, mounted on a stainless steel support frame with square tubular legs and an adjustable leg-leveling guide. More info: Clear Air Products, (763) 425-9122, (800) 423-9728; Fax: (763) 425-2004; E-mail: sales@cleanairproducts.com; Web: www.cleanairproducts.com.