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August 11, 2005

Invista Specialty Intermediates has introduced two 12 carbon diol products, C12 CD (a cyclic 12 carbon diol) and C12 LD (a linear 12 carbon diol). These high quality products have applications in coatings, adhesives, polyurethanes and organic-based printing inks. The addition of C12 CD (cyclododecanediol isomer mixture) to polyester polyol formulations can improve hydrolytic stability, reduce crystallinity and improve flexibility, according to the company. C12 LD (1,12-dodecanediol) can impart increased flexibility and better hydrophobicity and lead to increased hydrolytic stability in polyurethanes. C12 LD can be used as a building block in polyols or as a chain extender. More info: Invista Specialty Intermediates, Web: www.c12.dupont or www.invista.com.