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Surface Specialties expands resins

August 11, 2005

Surface Specialties UCB has streamlined and expanded its portfolio of powder coating resins. The new portfolio integrates top-performing solid resins from the former Solutia and UCB Chemicals units, and offers a full range of standard workhorse and premium grade products. The product tradenames have also been streamlined in the new portfolio. All saturated polyesters supplied by the company will now be sold under the Crylcoat brand name. Unsaturated polyesters will take the Uvecoat name, including Solutia’s former Viaktin range. Masterbatch, previously marketed by UCB as Crylcoat, will now carry the Additol name and all acrylics produced by the company will be called Synthacryl. More info: UCB Surface Specialties +32 (0) 559 9999; E-mail: michael.scharf@ucb-group.com; Web: www.ucb-group.com.