Raw Materials & Equipment


September 19, 2005

Worlée-Chemie has launched several
new acrylic emulsions. WorléeCryl
7158 was developed for the production
of corrosion protection primers
with excellent outdoor resistance and
high corrosion protection.WorléeCryl
7463 is a self-crosslinking, aqueous
polymer for the formulation of solventfree
wood glazings and high-gloss topcoats
for the professional and DIY
markets. 7463 features excellent flow
and high blocking resistance, according
to the firm. WorléeCryl 8545 is an
aqueous polymeric emulsion for the
production of high gloss and water
resistant lacquers. More info: Worlée-
Chemie, +49(0) 407 33330; Fax: +49(0)
407 33 332450; Web: www.worlee.de